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Brood Harmony

The Continued Writing Efforts of l.l.hodges

The Continued Writing Efforts of l.l.hodges
2 November
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This is going to be my nanowrimo (www.nanowrimo.org) for 2004. This is my third attempt, I have yet to actually do it all the way to the entire fifty thousand words for various reasons, but you never know... this might be the year.

This begins on 1 November 2004. Until then I'll be posting 15minuteficlets of backstory until then. I'm starting with word one and working my way forward again.

At current I use xnote stopwatch to time my ficlets. I write in Notepad and I use SpellCheck.net to proof my work and do my word counts. Here is a list of the last 75 writing prompts.

Original 50,000+ finished on 30 November 2004. Story is continuing on...

(ps. 'yame' comes from the way my grandmother answers the phone when she calls someone. She'll call, they'll say hello and she'll go 'ya, me'"